Do you have an automatic transmission? While it is believed that automatics are foolproof, we here at Posner Park Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat want to share some things to avoid while driving if you have an automatic.

6 Things to Avoid While Driving an Automatic

  1. Coasting in neutral
    It has been said that coasting downhill can save you gas, but in actuality ii doesn’t. Coasting keeps the engine idle, but your vehicle is still running. So, the gas consumed is basically the same.
  2. Changing gears while your vehicle is still moving
    Be sure to come to a complete stop before you shift gears. When you switch gears before you stop, you wear out the transmission and repairing breaks is a lot cheaper than repairing your transmission.
  3. Using neutral while waiting at a stoplight
    When you put your vehicle in neutral at every stoplight, you actually put more wear and tear on your transmission. As previously stated, repairing a transmission is expensive. Also, if you forget to change gears when the light changes, you waste money in gas by revving your engine.
  4. Accelerating while in neutral
    Launching your vehicle damages the car’s main component. This can put you and others around you in danger. When you do this, you also cause friction to the belt and gears which will negatively affect them and cost more money in the long run.
  5. Switching to park without coming to a complete stop
    When you switch your gear to park without completely stopping causes damage to the “locking pin”. This element is vital in helping your engine run. Manufacturers have created some vehicles with automatic transmissions to not allow you to switch gears to park until you have completely stopped.
  6. Hard driving while the engine is cold
    If your engine is cold, that means that your oil is thicker and doesn’t move as fast as normal. So, wait a few minutes and allow your fuel to warm up and reach its designated areas.

Use these tips to preserve your vehicle and protect yourself and those around you. Drive safely, and if you have any additional questions, ask our 5 star service team here at Posner Park Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat.